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Name: John Baker

Birthday: August 22, 1990

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Started playing disc golf: 2007

Collegiate wins:

2014 & 2015 South Florida Collegiate Open Team Champion, 2015 Alabama Slammer Team Champion, 2016 Tiger Town Throwdown Team Champion, 2015 Dean’s Cup Champion, 2014 & 2016 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship Team Champion

Top 5 finisher at the 2015 NCDGC in Individual play

Involvement with disc golf:

Organized and ran local leagues and small events

Took over Augusta State University Disc Golf Club in 2012.
Help to coordinate, oversee fundraisers, and obtain discs for the club.
We gained official club status from Georgia Regent’s University in 2012 (we were Augusta State University, the name was changed to Georgia Regents University, and now we’re Augusta University).
Continued as President of the Augusta University Disc Golf Club until this year.

My involvement with the NCDGC started with an internship in 2013. Since then, I have continued to develop under Alan Kane and Pete May’s leadership. I owe collegiate disc golf a great deal of credit for my professional success and I want to give back everything disc golf has given me and more. Collegiate disc golf has provided countless students, including myself, a way to grow through a sport we all love. We must continue to provide these opportunities for growth by establishing strong foundations for our clubs and future student leaders. As General Manager of the NCDGC, my focus is to grow our championship, our season, and our clubs by supporting the people who make everything happen, our students leaders. Let’s establish clubs that will be here for years to come! Let’s continue to grow the sport through collegiate disc golf!

Goals as the new General Manager of the NCDGC:

1.) Give back to the clubs by establishing programs and guidelines to support and grow their organizations.
2.) Establish advisory boards.
3.) Improve the player experience at our qualifier event’s and the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships.